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We are looking for two new stars for our SpaceShard team! 

SpaceShard is an R&D blockchain lab that works on bridging Zero Knowledge technology and bringing it close to mass adoption. *SpaceShard is powered by ShardLabs.

Shard Labs is a global remote R&D blockchain company. We are specialists in building digital products that require blockchain implementation. While producing blockchain technology we rely on and use two cores of blockchain-based systems: transparency and trust.  "A world where people have control over their money, data, and power of governance" is our vision. 

Tech stack that we use (but are not limited to): React.js, Node.js, Solidity, Go, Rust, Docker, Cairo. Our cloud platform of choice is AWS.

Proudly partners with:

Starkware, MoonbeamKerberus Prime, EthereumPolygonPolkadotCelo, Lido.

Check out some of our other work:

JavaScript / TypeScript Developer

What you will be doing:

  • Analyzing, designing, and developing software features and enhancements
  • Participating in software design meetings and analyzing user needs to determine technical requirements
  • Providing solid technical solutions to complex issues whilst helping us deliver the best user experience and improve our product
  • Resolving the challenging technical and application problems of the project

To qualify for the role, you should have:

  • 2+ years of professional experience working with JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent verbal communication skills

Additional skills (not necessary):

  • Familiarity with Blockchain JavaScript libraries (web3.js or ether.js)
  • Experience in developing npm packages and JS tools

How our selection process works:

  • You apply for the job via this link:;
  • We schedule the first introduction interview;
  • We schedule the second, technical interview to test your knowledge and skills ;
  • We conclude and negotiate all the details on the third interview and sign offer letters soon afterward. 

Important to know about us:

  • Remote work is our thing. We take pride in creating and nurturing an inclusive and exceptional remote environment where everyone is welcomed and accepted as they are.
  • Our rapid growth results from a motivated, determined, and hard-working team that brings experience in software development from around the world.
  • The knowledge and experience you will bring are essential for the starting point, but even more crucial to us is your hunger for learning, good organizational skills, and initiative in your daily work. No matter how much you already know, there's always something you can learn or somebody you can teach.
  • We trust our employees. We won't constantly be behind your back, so it is good to possess self-driven skills to make it easier for you to organize your work. We will be your inspiration, but we are also open to hearing your voice. We highly value good suggestions, fresh ideas, and new perspectives.
  • We live and promote a good work-life balance. Our flexible work culture encourages you to have greater control regarding where, when, and how you work. If your dream is to make a career shift – we support exploring new fields right under our roof.
  • Our motto is pragmatism over perfection 👉
  • We strive to be the best destination for the industry's top talent, creating an open environment where bright ideas are given a chance to shine, and everyone is eager to lend a helping hand. Let's explore and develop new blockchain galaxies together!

Don't hesitate to contact us and apply for the job!

You’ll have the opportunity to work on some of the most challenging and relevant issues in the blockchain ecosystem.

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